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Climbing an active volcano


For those of an adventurous spirit, there are certainly plenty of exciting things to do in Central America. One possible activity that is literally unlike anything you might ever experience again is volcano climbing. Yes, that's right – You can actually climb an active volcano!


Guatemala is home to numerous volcanoes, the smallest of which is Pacaya. While this volcano is the smallest volcano in the country, it is active and one of the most beautiful in the area.


If you do plan to take a hiking trip up the side of a volcano, there are a few things you should make sure you bring with you before you embark on your adventure. Long pants are an essential and if you plan to climb in the afternoon, it is also a good idea to bring along a jacket. In addition, you should plan to wear hiking shoes and bring a flashlight and water.


Gloves and your least favorite running shoes are also strongly advised as the lava rocks that you will encounter during your climb are often still hot can melt your shoes. Remember, this is an active volcano that is continually erupting. And, of course, you should also make sure you bring along a camera to capture all of the amazing sights that you will encounter as you near the top of the volcano.


The best views of Pacaya are on clear days when you can see all the way to the top. Even when there is cloud cover, this is truly an amazing sight to behold. The opportunity to witness the hot lava as it goes tumbling down the volcano is truly a sight that should not be missed. Jennifer Gregory

Photos by Snortle

Via OnTheGo Travel Blog

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