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Blue Ice

We don’t need reminding of the beauty and power of glaciers and their floating companions, the icebergs. Even the smallest iceberg can be immense and cause havoc, as we all know with regards to the Titanic disaster.

Blue Ice

Both glaciers and icebergs are essentially made of the same material: water. Glaciers gather particles and sediment during their journey, but otherwise there isn’t anything else but frozen ice – some of the purest water on the planet.

Blue ice

In fact, glaciers and icebergs are the largest source of freshwater on earth, and only second to the world’s saltwater oceans in terms of volume of water.

Blue Ice

You might be wondering, though, why many glaciers and icebergs are blue, instead of white or clear? The answer lies in how glacial ice is formed. The weight of a glacier is immense, and over thousands of years the water has warmed and cooled and compacted together, pushing every drop of water closer and closer together.

Blue Ice

The thing to remember is that the white you see from the ice and snow is not actually white – it’s made up of a combination of colors. That’s what you are seeing when you see a rainbow.

Blue Ice

Glacial ice has been compacted so tightly that you don’t actually see some of the colors of the rainbow anymore. The blue color is a high energy color and manages to still reflect back to us even though the other colors are filtered out that would normally appear white.

Blue Ice

Given the power and beauty of this raw feat of nature, it is no surprise that glaciers are huge tourist attractions. New Zealand, Argentina, Alaska and several other regions are a huge focus for scientific research as well as tourist exploration of this great creation of Mother Nature.

Blue ice


Images via Flickr: dominicspics, Dawn,Endico, Alan,Vernon, jswieringa, longhorndave, Alaskan Dude, phasianus and Maria Stenzel

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  • saasdads

    July 31, 2010

    “but otherwise there isn’t anything else but frozen ice – some of the purest water on the planet.” Frozen ice? is there any other kind?


    July 19, 2010


  • Laura Rodriguez

    March 20, 2010

    Hear the only growing glacier in the world (Perito Moreno) break!:

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