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When we saw this picture of quaint little cave-like dwellings, we thought of Hobbit holes. But it turns out they're not inhabited. Well, not by humans (or Hobbits) at least. They are, in fact, wine cellars in the Czech Republic's up-and-coming wine region of Moravia. They can be found in Petrov – Plže, a viticultural district established as far back as 1400.

The complex of 80 historical wine cellars dug into the hillsides has been declared a Memorial Monument of Folk Architecture. Built as early as the 17th century, they are known for their unusual facades, some painted blue and white, others plain brick.

Other than that we don't know much about them. If you've been there, can you tell us more about them? We think they'd make great hotel rooms – with built-in wine cellars of course. Let us know what you think.

Photos: Courtesy of CzechTourism

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