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Alaskan wilderness tours

Alaskan wilderness tours49th state. The Boat Company offers a week in the Alaskan wilderness aboard a former minesweeping boat, catching fish and getting up close to whales, bears and no more than 40 other human beings.

Alaskan adventureTongass National Forest, which is the world's largest intact temperate rainforest. It's bordered by the Canadian Rockies on one side and an archipelago of islands on the other. There are roads in the region, but the best way to see the mountains, glaciers, fjords and islands is by boat.

On the wildlife front, there's a great chance you'll spot salmon, trout, eagles, puffins, deer, sea lions, bears, sea otters, whales, and orcas. And if you want to interact with the wildlife, it's one of the best fishing areas in the world.

There are no fixed itineraries, and the boats' small size means they can accommodate the wishes of their passengers. They offer educational presentations, hiking, nature walks, beachcombing lessons, picnics, kayaking, lake and shore fishing, trolling, and wildlife viewing (each room has a pair of binoculars).

Sadly, over the last 60 years, much of the forest has been cut down by timber companies to make logs for sale overseas, and there is pressure to open up more of the preserved region to loggers. So, part of the Boat Company's mission is awareness-raising. We wish them much success with this cause. RM

Images: copyright The Boat Company, with thanks to Kathy Nissley

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