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Sophisticated travelers approach travel as an art form. Indeed, the painstaking craft of planning and executing the perfect – or near perfect – trip cannot be underestimated. As with any art form, true quality is rarely accidental and more often the result of talent, creativity and experience. The reward of the explorer is discovery. And the deeper you dig, the sweeter the reward.

Yet, not all of us, for different reasons, are up to this creative challenge. Many prefer the rewards without the artistic sacrifice. And why not? That is what travel agents are for. It makes perfect sense to enlist the services of a travel professional. Let them roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work for you.

Yet, finding the right travel agent worth their weight in salt that understands your idiosyncratic likes and dislikes can be as difficult as finding a hair stylist that balance the way you want to look with your best look. Difficult, but not impossible. Here’s a hint…use a pig. Trufflepig.

Like the well-trained pig that leads the farmer to the precious subterranean truffle, Toronto-based Trufflepig helps travellers dig up the elusive gems that make for a superior travel experience. A plate of risotto with black truffles, without the dirt underneath your fingernails. Part tour operator and part travel agent, spirited Trufflepig offers intelligent, customized travel experiences worldwide.

Taking advantage of their own profound experiences as seasoned travelers, and a worldwide network of local contacts that intimately understand their areas of expertise, Trufflepig is well suited to reach and surpass your expectations. Ballooning over the Bosporus? Camping with Berbers in the Atlas? Resorts in Rajahstan? Let the pigs handle it.

Or, as they say in their own words, “Trufflepig aims to be trustworthy and consistently piggy. Trufflepig is young, but serious, serious, but excitable, excitable, but professional, professional, but different, different, but honest.”

More than a yes man, yet mindful of your individual travel wants and needs, unique Trufflepig is founded upon a taste for variety and contrast. They recognize the increased importance of style and design in the lives of the savvy traveller. Accordingly, they dare to be selective, to state an opinion, and to have their own individual fashion. Just like an artist.


Images © Trufflepig Travel, Inc.

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  • Leroy Thomas PhD

    January 13, 2013

    Please extend my congratulation to the new Dancy baby, Clare Dane’s son Cyrus, born on my recent birthday, December 17. In case they don’t already know, Dec. 17, 1903, was the date of the Wright Brothers first successful airplane flight, at Kitty Hawk, N.C.

    Happy New Year

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