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There she goes

There she goes. There she goes again.

From Verana, we hiked down the hill and took a motorboat to the Marietta Islands about an hour away. For awhile, there was nothing around us except the Pacific Ocean and the sound of the motor behind our little boat. I tried to appear calm and unafraid. In the distance, I thought I could see a pirate ship. We came to the islands and anchored our boat. We swam ashore through a cave and sunbathed among the sand crabs. Not a soul in sight but us. Swimming back through the cave, she gave me a small seashell she had found on the beach and asked me to put it in the pocket of my swim suit.

“What if it falls out?” I asked.

“It doesn't matter.” She smiled and we swam like dolphins back to our little boat. terri phillips

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  • Katia Grigsby

    November 9, 2006

    What beautiful pictures and poetry. Please keep following her (whoever she might be).

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