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Steven Holl — Houses

Architect Steven Holl has a talent for intermingling architecture and art without sacrificing practicality. His Turbulence House in New Mexico is designed to be an extension of the ground below it, and has a central passage though which wind can blow. The 31 unique metal panels of the structure's skin were digitally prefabricated and assembled on site.

Holl's Y House in the Catskill Mountains is shaped like a divining rod. Its deep balconies face south to take advantage of the winter sun but let in less sunlight in the summer, helping maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Located near the studio of artist Jackson Pollock, the Writing with Light House draws inspiration from the artist's painting “There Were Seven in Eight.” The structure uses wood to create unique spaces through which the sun projects lines into the interior.

Oceanic Retreat in Kauai, Hawaii, is built in an area with high tectonic activity and a propensity for hurricane-strength winds. The structure reflects its surrounding by appearing to be a single building that has been pulled in two, and its courtyard is constructed from local volcanic stone.

Martha's Vineyard House on Vineyard Sound takes its inspiration from the homes of an Indian tribe described in Moby Dick that fashioned houses from the skeletons of beached whales. The house was designed with an “inside out” look so that its “bones” can be seen.

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