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Simon Kirketerp

For those Been-Seen readers who have been to V E R A N A, you already know that part of what makes V E R A N A so unique is you – our guests. Every season the hotel is fortunate to host guests of impeccable quality. Say hello to the couple next to you at the bar, and who you meet may leave a lasting and enrichening impression on your stay. Simon Kirketerp is a perfect example.

Simon and his girlfriend visited V E R A N A from Denmark during the Spring of 2005. At the time, Simon was working as a photographer and director on a television production in Careyes, an hour or so to the south. With his keen, creative eye, Simon took some extraordinary photographs of the hotel and his room, the Stone House, some of which are seen here.

The television project he was working on, Paradise Hotel
, was being produced for Scandinavian television. Simon is no stranger to production. Flux TV, a new media company that he founded and owns, focuses on film and video productions, E-learning solutions, DVD authoring, and web design. Simon’s work allows him to travel extensively, and this past winter he returned to Mexico to shoot 52 episodes of Paradise Hotel.

True to his Nordic roots, Simon says that Denmark and Scandinavia, like Mexico, have a number of beautiful, remote and exotic locations well worth a visit. Hopefully, we can get him to tell us where, and later we can tell you. And if you’re looking for some good grub in Copenhagen, he recommends NOMA, a two-Michelin star restaurant located just around the corner from his home on the Copenhagen waterfront.

Images © Simon Kirketerp

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