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Quit Dreaming and Go!

Quit Dreaming and Go!

I am working in an idyllic corner of rural France and making frequent trips to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium without ever taking time off from work. It doesn't matter where I am, with my laptop and an Internet connection, I am in business.

Quit Dreaming and Go!

Do you ever dream of a long trip to an exotic land but are burdened by work obligations at home? What if you could take your job with you? It was scary at first, but once I started my roaming writer career I came across so many other people doing the same.

Nomadic workers have chosen their careers mostly depending on their prior experience, identifying which skills could translate into a mobile workplace. From artists to financial planners, you will find incredibly interesting stories of how these careers morphed from the office to the open road.

Quit Dreaming and Go!

Personally, the idea took shape after my travel executive career hit unexpected bump. The company I was working for folded. My first reflex was to hit the headhunters and look for a new position. This would probably imply relocating to a new city and the job was likely to come before the location. My preference for a quiet scenic settings clashed with the reality of my career, where most executive positions are found in busy urban environments. Sure enough, I was offered a good position in a big city. I hesitated. I wished I could do something that would give me the freedom to work wherever I chose to live.

Quit Dreaming and Go!

I took a deep breath and passed on the job offer. Now it was up to me to create my own employment. This was the start of my roaming writer life and the first step in a long voyage of exploration towards finding my personal version of ease. Check these sources packed with useful information to get you on the road to breaking free of the desk chains.

by Sylvia Edwards Davis

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  • Jenny

    October 21, 2008

    Hope it works out well for you. 🙂

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