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Pixota Beach

At Pixota Beach around the corner from Verana you might meet this little boy. He lives on the beach, he plays on the beach. I have seen him every time I have been. Sometimes he will come to sell you a shell or a coconut… with a big smile on his face.

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  • Adam Saccio

    February 7, 2007

    Yeah, Laura & I saw this guy, and what must have been his older brother, playing in the sand at Pixota late January/early February. They cut the top off of plastic automotive oil jugs, attached strings and floated them in the tide pools on the north end of the beach where we had our picnic, imagining fast ships set upon the ocean I’m sure. They reminded me of my girls back at home, ever-resourceful farm hands who can turn a brown paper bag into a whole afternoon of imaginary fun. There is a difference in kids who grow up close to nature, without TV’s and computers, and I have to think (and hope) that they will one day save the world.

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