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my boyfriend i broke up about a month ago i wanna get back together with him what should i do

Note from Verana: It’s not really fair that you went exploring in the jungle without me. Even though I insisted because I want to be alone in the room and read and look out at the ocean. I missed you the minute you walked away. My book is not all that interesting. Too many details. Why do I always bring a thick book about history when all I really want to do is read gossip magazines and have sex with you?

But now I’ve forced you out into the jungle to search for treasure and dinner. I’ll spend my time in a milk and honey bath and pick out something to wear so you can escort me to the bar later for a stiff drink and a kiss on the neck. We can lie down near the pool in the darkness and look at the black sky with all its stars and do nothing but breathe. terri phillips

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  • simone lazarus

    September 19, 2006

    Oooh!! That is the feel of a lovely lazy afternoon into evening at Verana!! I wish I was there now! –thanks terry.

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