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Memphis flowers bring May showers

Memphis Showers.........................(terriflowers2.jpg)

When the weather is bad or the roads are icy, my brother will come to the airport to pick me up. Otherwise my father will be there waiting for me just beyond security. We see him before he sees us. I remind my son not to run and jump on him because he is old and we don't want to knock him over. On the way home from the airport, we stop at Corky's barbecue on Poplar Avenue to get an rack of wet pork ribs to go. My mother will be waiting at home. And so my immersion back into the Deep South has begun.

memphis Showers.........................(terriflowers3.jpg)

I am in awe of the spring flowers blooming everywhere and some of them are members of my family. Ethan is a rose, bold and strong, a prince, irresistible. Tennessee is a hydrangea tree, sprouting up to the sky with explosions of ball of energy blossoms. Hunter is a bunch of jonquils, golden and bright, kind and generous genius. My father is an oak tree, strong and solid and grounded and safe to climb. My mother is a lily, fragrant and fun, attracting all the attention in the room. And I am a fig bush, like my grandmother before me, that the squirrels and the birds can't seem to keep from stealing all the fruits. TP

Memphis Showers.........................(terriflowers.jpg)


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