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Jonathan Greenwald

Here's another web album we wanted to share. This one was created by Jonathan Greenwald, who recently visited Verana and Yelapa with his wife Lesley. Jonathan discovered a passion for photography two years ago when he bought his first digital SLR. A photoblog followed soon after, and you can see the impressive results on his website.

Jonathan by trade is an IT manager from Brooklyn, New York. These days, however, he spends more and more time wandering the streets of New York and Toronto (and occasionally Yelapa, as in these pictures) capturing what he sees. He is, he says, a self-taught street photographer, and welcomes comments on his work.

He and Lesley are planning a return visit to Verana with as many of their friends as they can muster. As he kindly writes on his website, 'If Verana isn't Spanish for Heavenly Bliss, it should be.'

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