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Bam 6.6

How we travel is as important as where we travel, and keeping an open mind about the people we meet may be the most important thing of all. On December 26, 2003, an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale rocked the ancient Iranian city of Bam. What happened to the city and its inhabitants is almost impossibe to believe. Ninety percent of the city's ancient structures were destroyed (including the breathtaking Citadel pictured above), and nearly one third of its population died. That's 26,000 people. One of those who died was an American, Tobb Dell'Oro, who'd been visiting the country with his girlfriend Adele Freedman.

Bam 6.6Bam 6.6 tells the story of the couple's interest in foreign cultures, their travels to Iran, and their delight at how welcome they were made to feel in a country that receives so much bad press in the United States. When their guest house collapsed on top of them, Adele and Tobb were critically injured. Their tour guide managed to find them in the rubble and get them to hospital. When they arrived there, they were treated before all others.

Bam 6.6

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  • Mike povrad

    November 29, 2007

    I witness this film few month ago, I tuly agree with the article above, we American need to travel more to foriegn counties. I think the film without dout is the most powerful about Iran that I have ever seen.It is so sad that the producer had to use the earthquake story to show the love and compassion of Iranian people. I truly hope that all American and British people see this film and judge for themself.
    I wish the producer lots of luck. It truly opened my eyes.
    Thanks you for making this film.

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