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Are you a Compulsive Traveler?

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a video worth a million? It's an interesting question to ask the people who make the wheels go round in the travel world. Tourism has become the world's largest and most lucrative industry, and as a result, many forms of media have jumped on board. There are countless magazines, websites, books, and photo galleries on travel. And then there are the travel shows and documentaries, the Travel Channels and Globetrekkers; the legions of shaky clips shot on digital cameras by regular folks touting themselves as 'travel experts'. But in the beginning, there was The Compulsive Traveler.

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Okay, maybe not the very beginning. People have been catching their various vacations on tape since film was first invented. But for the past 15 years, travel filmmaker Roberto Mitrotti has built a library of over 2,500 hours documenting 65 different countries. The Compulsive Traveler aired as a television show for six years on both CBS and The Travel Channel. As a filmmaker, Mitrotti has developed an engaging style of storytelling within the travel video world, and in real life, he's a bona fide 'compulsive traveler'.

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This past year, Mitrotti decided to take his travel video library to the web with Compulsive Traveler, and the site quickly expanded to feature the work of over 100 filmmakers and their nearly 1,000 videos highlighting dozens of countries.

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As the network of filmmakers has grown and internet video has become more pervasive, Mitrotti and his team are working to promote themselves as a travel video content resource for travel industry sites to further engage their viewers in the destinations they are promoting.

And with their in-house stock library of videos from around the world, Compulsive Traveler is able to make quality, cost-effective videos tailored to the specific needs of hotels, tour operators, and travel websites. Because the site is a network of independent travel filmmakers who are already traveling the world, it often works out that when Mitrotti is called and asked about producing a travel video, he can arrange for a filmmaker who's already in the area to do the shoot, thus eliminating costly travel arrangements.

Interested? To become a Compulsive Traveler filmmaker, just go to the site and start uploading your videos. You just might become part of a new wave in the travel industry. EG

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