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Easy Rider

Easy Rider 10


Throughout the film we see the bikers riding across some of the most beautiful roads from the southwest to the south.  All the roads and locations are places you can actually travel on and visit. A lot of the journey is done on the famous historic Route 66 (and now I-40).


The movie’s plot is somewhat simple, and begins with the two bikers smuggling drugs from Mexico to Los Angeles to fund their trip.  The true purpose of the film is to portray a lifestyle of two young men who want to just live and observe America.


The characters’ outfits even portray this love of America with “Captain America” (Fonda) dressed in all leather with a big American flag on his back and another American flag on his helmet. “Billy” (Hopper) dresses in Native American pants and jacket.


During their travels, they visit and meet people who represent a wide range of Americans. These include a rancher who lives with his big family on a farm, hippies living on a commune and trying to grow their own food, rednecks who chase them out of a diner and prostitutes in
New Orleans.


Even 40 years after its release, Easy rider still strikes a chord with people who dream of breaking free from their daily routine. EW


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  • Hello

    July 28, 2015

    Hello Mike,

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  • Mike Szymanski

    April 27, 2015

    Where exactly is the diner that Hooper,Fonda and Nicholson went to?
    I know it’s in Morganza,La but what street.


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