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Utter Inn

The Utter Inn (in English, Otter Inn) is bed and breakfast in Vasteras, Sweden. It's unique not only because of its small size, but also because of its location — half above and half below Lake Mälaren.

The Inn, created by artist Mikael Genberg, floats about a half mile off shore and contains only twin beds and a table, but it offers a spectacular view of the lake. The underwater bedroom has large windows on all sides, so the feeling of sleeping within an aquarium is complete. Guests report seeing pike and perch from their bedroom window, and having the hotel circled by the boats of curious passers by.

There are no cables connecting the Inn to land, and its energy needs are met by rooftop solar panels and a single car battery. It is a place to be adored by the adventurous, and perhaps avoided by the claustrophobic.

If you enjoy the Utter Inn, watch for Genberg's next project — a similarly small hotel in a bat-filled cave almost 200 feet below the surface of the earth.


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  • Lori-Ann

    July 18, 2008

    What a wonderful place to get away…..I would love to build one of these just to take out on our little Sydenham River and just let the water take you where it may. You have gave me a super idea. I can just imagine how much you love it……..cherish it because I can see a place of peace here……Good for you! I pray for many years of peace and happiness within it for you!

Any comments?