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Urnatur – Swedish Getaway

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, which basically translates to “out of nature,” is a Swedish forest getaway, where visitors can stay in cabins and spend time re-connecting with nature. But it’s also a design firm that believes in the beauty and simplicity of nature and crafts incredible pieces that capture the pure essence of the natural world.

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Self-described as a “poem of Swedish nature” the Urnatur compound has all kinds of living spaces from a moss cabin to a treehouse, complete with a wood fired sauna. You certainly won’t find any traces of stress in this eco-getaway; the handcrafted cottages and treehouse are without electricity, ensuring a stay focused on simplicity. The team at Urnatur also makes their best efforts to bring its surroundings into the kitchen, whether it it’s fresh lamb from their flocks or a delicious dessert topped off by wild berries picked from the local forests.

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You can also spend your time learning more about nature by taking part in Urnatur’s various activities, which include learning how to make a fire with nothing but sticks or even a forest spa. And after a long stay, you’ll want to pass through Urnatur’s store, where you can take some nature inspired design, from interior textiles to lanterns, with you home.

Nature, design and charm; the makings of an excellent green Swedish summer getaway. AB

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