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Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

baumraum 6(2) Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

Who isn't a fan of treehouses? These simple structures bring a smile to everyone's face, and no wonder: in the ultra-urbanized modern world, the idea of returning to a cosy home among the leaves and branches of your very own tree is quite appealing (especially the part where you pull up the ladder behind you). But what about an entire hotel made up of treehouses?

baumraum 7(1) Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

In a 2009 article, we introduced you to Baumraum, a German design firm that specializes in constructing sophisticated, eco-friendly treehouses and elevated cabins custom made for the environment and purpose they serve. But their designs also playful, elegant, and a just little bit eccentric, like all proper treehouses.

Now Baumraum has branched out (wink wink) into the hospitality business with Baumgeflüster Treehouse Hotel, an eco-retreat near Oldenburg, Germany.

baumraum 2 Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum


The firm has designed 5 elegant treehouses as guest accommodations for Baumgeflüster. Each treehouse is more of a suite, boasting a separate bedroom for two people, living room (with space for 2 additional beds), a fully appointed kitchen and a bathroom, and terrace.

baumraum 1 Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

The houses are constructed out of untreated larchwood for a totally organic atmosphere.

baumraum 3(1) Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

Baumgeflüster is set up to offer guests a whole array of fun and unique activities with an emphasis on nature, wellness, and culture. Depending on the season, you can hike, cycle, swim, play soccer and basketball, enjoy a massage, and participate in outings to nearby villages, and that's just a fraction of what is planned for the future.

baumraum 4 Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

The resort just opened its doors in October 2011, so we're looking forward to seeing how it develops and possibly taking a trip out ourselves.

baumraum 20 Treehouse Hotel by Baumraum

See you in the trees! MT

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