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Could this be the future of travel? British budget hotel company Travelodge
have been working on a prototype of a mobile hotel room for the last few years,
and the current incarnation, the Travelpod, is pictured above. It's a 6m-long clear polycarbonate box that's designed to be transported by truck to outdoor music festivals and major sporting events.

Once at the event, travelers unload the pod with a crane and are good to go. Amenities inside include a double bed, carpets, dressing table, air conditioning, heater, flat-screen TV, DVD player, ambient lighting, washroom with biodegradable toilet, and washbasin with running water. It also has blinds, for when (inevitably in a see-through box!) you fancy a little privacy.

Amazingly, it will only cost around £26/$50 a night to rent one. But we're guessing they will only be available at specific events for now – how else could you ensure there's a crane at your destination to unload your pod (unless you just happen to have your own)?

If you'd like a chance to try one out, Travelodge are currently running trials, and you can enter their competition to be among the first to stay in one. Just click on this link. RM

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