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The Egg House

egg-house-2 We love the idea of little egg-shaped dwellings. Clearly, so does Dai Haifei, a young architecture graduate from Beijing, who recently erected a tiny pod on the sidewalk of his home town. egg-house-3 The egg-shaped abode came about in part due to skyrocketing rental prices in Beijing, but also after Dai was inspired by a project called 'City Egg' at the 2010 Shanghai Biennial Exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum earlier this year. egg-house-4 The idea was to create a green home that was suitable for a cash-strapped young professional like himself. It cost $964 and took two months to build from layers of bamboo splints and sack bags, with wood chips and grass seeds in between. There are also solar panels on its roof. egg-house-5 The egg was built just feet from his office, so he could stumble out at night and go to sleep. Inside there's room for one small bed, a water tank and a lamp. 'I feel good living here,' he said, 'though it's simple, and a bit cold sometimes, what important for me, is – it saves me a lot of money!' egg-house-6 The house is only two meters in height, and has two wheels so it can be moved. Which is handy, as a month or so after he built it, the local authorities asked him to move along. RM egg-house-7 egg-house-8 egg-house

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  • dannyditan

    January 29, 2011

    nice,green architecture

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