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SkiDoo and Boubou

Boubou A

You might not see the connection between a snowmobile and our dog (Boubou), but here the story goes… If you have a dog like we do, you will be well aware of the little difficulties you encounter when traveling with your pet. Since we definitely try to take our dog with us wherever we go, we have learned to adjust and go the extra mile to have ‘Boubou’ with us. I think she appreciates it, and she has seen a lot of places since we rescued her from the pound.

Yosemite 6

Now, we built and own some cabins up in the mountains close to Yosemite National Park, accessible in the winter only by snowmobile on Road 7 (Sierra Scenic Byway), which is not maintained during the winter months. A new task arose – how to get Boubou up there. Pretty exciting to go about 14 miles (depending on the snow level) by snowmobile to our remote cabin surrounded by pure beauty, serenity and peace.

Yosemite 2

The decision to have our pet with us out there originally created some problems: how to get us, supplies and BouBou there, until we came across the SkiDoo Elite which solved the problem. The family ‘car’ of snowmobiles.

Yosemite 3

This is what IndianRvrShiver on the snowmobileforum had to say: ‘Has anyone ridden/driven that wacked-out SkiDoo Elite??? 4 cyl/4 stroke engine, dual track, side-by-side seating. That thing is so cool!! Like a Doodillac of the trails…..if it came with heated seats, a stereo/DVD player & maybe roll-up windows, that would be the only way I could get the wife out on the trails. They had better be really wide trails (LOL).’

Yosemite 4

The only snowmobile on the market right now which offers two seats next to each other, it looks more like a go-kart or ATV, but it was exactly what we needed. Once on the trail it raised some eyebrows. Other snowmobilers could see right away that this was not a sporty adventure vehicle, but more a ‘grandma and grandpa go on a Sunday trip’ type of vehicle. But nevertheless they all stopped to have a look, checking it out because this one looked really good, and they’ve never come across one before.

Yosemite 10

Sometimes you have to get a bit inventive when it comes to traveling with your pet (like sneaking them through the back door in your motel room), but it pays off. BouBou had a great time with us out there in the wilderness of the Sierras.

Stay tuned for Part Two, when we will introduce our Far Meadow cabins. For now we will wait until spring comes, the snow melts, and we can enjoy the thousands of wildflowers popping up in this beautiful part of the world.


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