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A 'sitooterie' may sound very exotic, but it's actually a very simple concept. In Scotland, it's somewhere where you can 'sit oot'. So, it's an outside space – a summer house, a garden shed, or a writer's cabin perhaps. Now, we imagine that when the term was conceived, no-one ever imagined a sitooterie could look like this. The brainchild of Thomas Heatherwick, a London-based designer known for sculptural architecture, Sitooterie II is a cube-like hut, perforated with over 5,000 long thin windows that project light all around it.

The 2.4×2.4m cube is made of aluminum and the tip of each window coated with orange acrylic. The amazing thing is, as each tube points to the exact center of the cube, it takes only a single light source to send an orange glow out into the night. At their other ends, some of the tubes make up interior seating.

The design is a private commission for the National Malus (crab-apple) Collection in Essex, England, but expect to see much more from Heatherwick soon. He has just scooped the coveted Prince Philip Designers Prize for 2006 – the industry equivalent of the Oscars. And he's working on projects from New York to Hong Kong.

Images: Rick Guest; Steve Speller; Rick Guest

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