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Single Hauz

We love this design called Single Hauz by Polish front architects because you can in theory build it absolutely anywhere. Like a giant billboard, it can spring out from a neighborhood that's already full to capacity. You could build one in your backyard (and really freak out your neighbors, especially if it had the ability to move up and down on its mast). You could build one halfway up a mountain, or even in the middle of a lake.

Single Hauz

Front architects describe it as a 'detached, single occupant house unit' that fills a void in the housing market for singles. 'Inspired by a city billboard, it is designed as an object suitable for almost every place on earth. It is especially predisposed for sites of an interesting landscaping. For instance forests, seas, lakes, mountains, meadows – but, on the other hand, just next to the main city street.' You could even sell advertising space… RM

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