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R-house Michael Jantzen.................(Rhouse.jpg)

We've featured the designs of Michael Jantzen a few times on Been-Seen, and for good reason. As a designer, he isn't afraid to push the envelope when it comes to structural form. His latest design, the R-house is a small vacation retreat, with a twist. 

R-house Michael Jantzen.................(Rhouse2.jpg)

It's composed of sustainable Accoya wood and prefabricated in sections to be assembled on-site, whether the site may be. Based around a central axis, it's made of four movable screens, which can be pulled around the perimeter of the deck to create different effects and outside spaces. There is also an enclosed space, with a sun deck on its roof.

R-house Michael Jantzen.................(Rhouse3.jpg)

It's not only prefabricated, but pretty much self-sufficient, with photovoltaic solar cells and a small vertical axis wind turbine to power it. It can also collect and store rain water for washing, and house either a composting or electrical incinerating toilet.

R-house Michael Jantzen.................(Rhouse4.JPG)

It looks like a gigantic puzzle, and in a sense it is. The R-house can be increased in size by adding segments around its perimeter, thus creating all kinds of new shapes. And when the structure is not being used, residents can close it off to the world by sliding security shutters into place. It reminds me of Rolf Disch's Heliotrop, but with all kinds of new possibilities. A mobile home, in a different sense. RM 

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