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We like this big red cube design by Gloria Friedmann and architect Adelfo Scaranello. It stands on a meadow in the heart of the French countryside in Langres Champagne. Not only a contemporary work of art, it is one astonishing lodging, voluntarily spartan; no running water no electricity…in order to better reinforce the contact with nature a whole frontage is open on the landscape, in total contrast with the red-face blood concrete of the cube. It can be booked by parties of up to 6 for a week or for a weekend; feather beds, pillows, linen, wood for heating and gas lamps are provided. The guests live a double experiment: the narrowest possible integration with nature and art. VL

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  • David j

    August 8, 2007

    Hi, know where I can find more info & pics about this project.. by the description, sounds interesting.

    Cheers David j.

  • Moderator

    September 21, 2006

    The Red Cube is in an isolated valley with one side of the cube completely open to nature. Sorry, we don’t have a picture of that side of the Cube.

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