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Homes from Home

Imagine this. You're skiing and find yourself halfway down a mountain slope as
the sun begins to set. The stars start twinkling in the sky, and you decide you'd really like to spend the night up there in the glorious silence. That's how SkiHaus was born.

London-based architects Richard Horden Associates came up with the idea of a mobile ski home in the early nineties and created this lightweight frame, using aluminum and other aviation materials, and powered by wind and solar generators. Lowered into place by a helicopter, it has been tested at heights of up to 3,901 meters in the Swiss Alps. It is currently located close to the Kleines Matterhorn and used for sheltering climbers and skiers.

If that sounds a little too hardcore, Richard Horden's most recent project is the m-ch, or micro-compact home — a 2.65 meter cube, fully furnished and ideal for business travel, holidaying, and short-term relocation. But probably not great for camping on mountaintops.

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