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Get Your Yurt On

All you nomads out there, rejoice. No longer do you have to sacrifice style for substance when it comes choosing shelter. Kyu Che gives you that extra advantage so the Jones' have to keep up with you.

Inspired by aircraft fuselages and gers—the traditional homes of Mongolian nomads—the sleek, high-tech Lifepod is modular, collapsible and therefore completely transportable. If you have a 40-foot container. Perfect for the sophisticated 21st century wanderer on the go.

The brainchild of Korean-born architect Kyu Che, Lifepod adapts to most environments with telescoping legs and pontoons, allowing it to find its feet and settle down almost anywhere. Over water, and even among the trees.

A few Lifepods have already been made. The capsule-shaped habitats were included in a San Francisco art installment. And California Home & Design reports that Che is in discussions about their use at various international eco-resorts. So, hurry and get one before that sheep-herder the next valley over beats you to it.

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