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Cocteau, Thoreau, Dylan Thomas, Ralph Lauren…

“I find this hideaway mysterious. It looks like the first page of a photo novel. The page that announces what is to come. The one where no one is speaking.”
La cabane d’hippolyte, Marie Le Drian

In our research for cabin design, we have noticed that a lot of artists, architects, writers, designers
seem to like the solitude of a far away little cabin to find inspiration for their work.
A cabin in the middle of the wood, on a meadow, or overlooking the ocean…small places where
one can let his imagination wander away from it all, undisturbed, close to nature. The list is long Cocteau, Thoreau, Dylan Thomas, George Bernard Shaw, Einstein….Claude Monet, Ralph Lauren…

Here is the first of our series on famous hideaways.
Le Corbusier Cabanon

In 1952, Le Corbusier built his own 170 sq ft hideaway in Roquebrune, on the French Riviera. He got the idea of building the tiny cabanon after traveling in a small cabin aboard an ocean liner. “A little cell on a human scale where all activity was provided for,” was how he described it. “My cabin in Cap-Martin is even smaller than my luxury [ship] cabin,” he once said. He spent time at the cabanon every summer.
“I have a castle on the Riviera,measuring 3.66 by 3.66 meters.'s extravagantly comfortable and generous.” Le Corbusier

More=An interesting book about Le Corbusier Cabanon

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  • martin

    September 27, 2006

    i have a little house at the end of my garden.and it works for me.

  • lola martin

    September 22, 2006

    love your storys.whats next on the cabins…waiting…i have been to that one
    very cool but it’s a tourist destination now.

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