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Boutique Homes – Log Cabin


Intimate, simple, sometimes even a little primitive, the cabin is an American icon. Its appeal is both as a basic form of shelter and as a treasury of feelings, sensations and memories of family and friends. More than just a structure, the cabin is a way of life. Our cabin is located on a twenty acres piece of land in a remote meadow 7500 feet high surrounded by the Sierra National Forest.


The amazing location gives you a sense of having your own private Yosemite like landscape.The cabin has a classic look with authentic wooden walls and a peaceful fireplace for the evenings. In addition we have updated and remodeled the interior for modern comfort.


Surrounding the cabin are pine trees and beautiful wild flowers that change the color of the meadow during the spring and summer, going through hues of yellow, blue and white.


Located off the Sierra Heritage Scenic Byway, it provides easy access to the best way to explore the Sierra National Forest. Near by are plenty of nice rock formations, Indian sites and swimming holes that are just sort hikes or drives away.

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