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What Floats? Everything.

Floating Away

Boats aren't the only thing that float. Think about leaves floating on the breeze, hot air balloons gliding through the sky, clouds drifting overhead, humans hovering above water. (Well, maybe not the last one.) On a more summery note, think of ice cubes bobbing in a frosty glass or innertubes wafting across a bright blue swimming pool. We became curious about things that float and found that humans, animals, and gadgets all can float. Even the Earth is floating in space. With a little bit of imagination (and some Photoshop skills), almost everything can float. Read on…

Self-Portrait by Zev

We were blown away by these dreamy self-portraits by talented 14-year old photography Zev of Masachusetts (better known as 'fiddle oak'). This photo of Zev and his sister bobbing down stream on a raft made of popsicle sticks, a leaf, and a birthday candle is cute and surreal all at once. 


A nice cup of tea makes you feel lighter than air. The image above is from a series entitled Dreams by photographer Alison Tyne. Reminds us of this famous "I Love To Laugh" scene from Mary Poppins.


For another take on making humans float using photographic tricks, let's turn to China. Photography Zhao Huasen takes photos of people riding bicycles…and then erases the bicycle. See a whole gallery of these sort of spooky pictures here.


This may not be real but we wish it was! This concept for a floating sofa by D.K. & Wei imagines the fluffy cloud being supported by a magnetic force field. No word on how you get down, though.

Floating Otter

For many animals, floating is their primary mode of transportation. Looks a lot more relaxing than sitting in a traffic jam!


Weight doesn't matter when it comes to floating as this polar bear could tell you. Could you also ask him to please return our ball?

Floating Dog

This dog is so excited to get into the water, he's practically floating over the rocks.

Floating Penguin

Maybe penguins can't fly but floating is the next best thing.


Moving away from animals and to gadgets, here's the best of both: a fun animal-shaped floaty to captain down the lake on your next vacation.


Prefer a swimming pool to a lake? You're definitely going to need some of these for summertime. Waterproof, wireless speakers that float in the pool from Brit+Co! But it gets better. Each set of three has LED lights in orange, green and blue to perform a cool little underwater lightshow. Just connect the transmitter to your iPod or iPhone through the audio jack to get the party started.

Future is Floaty

Okay, just one more houseboat. This donut shaped concept is currently being built in Germany as an example of a self-sustaining, eco-friendly residence for the future. Can't wait to see it in action!


Speaking of eco-friendly: Wind energy has proved difficult to generate for earthbound machinery but through the power of floating, we may find a way to harness the energy of high-altitude winds. The Magenn MARS system is filled with helium and rises to 500-1000 feet above ground level. MARS is just a concept now however its low price point and portability should make it very popular choice for generating energy on the go (think camping or in remote areas.)


Finally, the world's best floating car. Or is that sinking car? You decide.

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  • I also see a video (probably commercial) of a man biking underwater. Indeed, nothing is impossible with today’s technology.

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