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Take flight, set sail, wander off! They say a great journey begins with the first step. We say it takes some smart planning, fun pieces and terrific style. Where do you want to go and who do you want to be? How does your style of travel reflect your personality and experience while you're on the road?


There are many ways to travel and unlimited places to go but how you travel and what you take with you can create and shape the experience. Chic nomads know that preparation and style can be almost as important as destination. If you've got to take it with you, you might as well look great along the way!

 travel_in_style_10_PINK-WOLF-SONIA-VERGUET-Vintage-suitcase-620x517 (Pink Wolf By Sonia Verguet-A little dangerous and in your face, we love this wicked theme and primary colors). Boutique Homes is in the business of location specific travel, design and architecture, and most of all, style. Even when we don't yet know where we want or need to go, or what we'll discover, we know for sure that getting there in style is what we're all about. travel_in_style_13_F486680D (J.Crew Globe Trotter makes it easy to love the classics. Unabashedly cheerful this lemon colored line will stand out like a canary in a coal mine.)

So we've taken a look at some of the latest pieces and some of the brands we've come to know and love and thoughtfully curated a collection for all seasons that will leave you with just one question—-"Where to"?


(Bakker made with love, takes us back to a more innocent time. Simple, retro and most certainly cool, we love these colors and silhouettes!)


Stylish, efficient and imaginative these pieces harken back to a time when travel whether by air, sea or car was an uplifting, exciting and anticipatory experience. Invoking a sense of adventure, imagination and discovery, each journey leaves us with lasting impressions and perspective.


(Globe Trotter's vintage inspiration makes these pieces timeless and classic. Orient Express anyone?)


From timepieces to billfolds for your passport, carry-ons to trunks, we looked for thoughtfully designed  and crafted pieces that inspire luxury and adventure.



(Williams British Handmade is simply inspired.  Molded and shaped to create an entirely new aesthetic in travel, who would have thought you could bend luggage?) 


Priced from afforable to luxury, there are pieces that we've discovered that can take you into the Himalayas or to a penthouse in Paris. With style of course!

travel_in_style_2_hermes-suitcase-aluminum-leather-1 and hermes-suitcase-aluminum-leather-3

(Hermes. What more can you say. Reinventing travel, accessories and lifestyle for the ages, this brushed steel case speaks softly but makes an impact.)


(We couldn't resist Salvador Bachiller's goofy yet somehow stylish take on a roller case. Perhaps intergalactic travel really isn't far behind!)

travel_in_style_8_skitched-20120120-092517 and esthex-suitcase-1

(Esthex-with materials that are as surprising as they are gorgeous, we love the retro prints, and mix of soft fabrics and hard shell cases.)



(Pantone– A painters palette and straighforward silhouettes make these cases timeless and bright.)



(Naoki Kawamoto– Bold with all kinds of attitude, this glossy facted case is the new frontier in travel.)


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