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Train Tunnel of Love

Train Tunnel of Love

Isn't this beautiful? This lush and verdant 1.8-mile long "tunnel of love" is located in Klevan, Ukraine. Local legend says that lovers who makes wishes while wandering under the canopy of green, if they are sincere in their desires, will have their wishes granted. It's such a nice story, learning the truth behind this seemingly "natural" tunnel is almost a disappointment.

Train Tunnel of Love

The reality is that the tunnel was made not by nature, but by machine, specifically a train that rolls through 3

times a day ferrying supplies to a nearby factory. What does this factory make? Particle board to be used in making Ikea furniture. Not very

romantic, is it?

Train Tunnel of Love

However, the

train's daily passage through the thick woodland has created an almost perfectly formed tunnel for people to wander down, either with a partner or alone.

Train Tunnel of Love

Even though the story itself is a little boring, it doesn't take away from the beauty of the place. It's nice to know that the most mundane daily routines can result in something spectacular. MT

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  • Flavia

    January 28, 2013

    What a beautiful place, hope to be able to visit it at some point.

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