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Top Picks for Picnics

Top Picks for Picnics

When summer arrives, indoor activities move outside. Case in point: mealtimes! One of our favorite summer activities is having a picnic in the sunshine with friends. A picnic lunch is a fun and casual way to hang out, catch some rays and enjoy the summer weather. Packing the perfect picnic isn't difficult either when you have the right tools at your disposal. Forget plastic plates and instant coffee: below we showcase our top picks for picnics, from cool totes for keeping your food (and wine) safe en route to your lunch spot to an ingenious hand coffee grinder for making fresh espresso in the field.


First things first: the perfect picnic basket. While the traditional wicker styles are pretty, they don't do much to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh while en route to your picnic spot. We recommend packing your lunch in the Pop Duo by Kelty. One side is for storage (for cutlery, plates, napkins, etc.) and the other is a cooler that can hold up to twenty 12 oz cans. In the middle is a little pop up table that you can eat off if neccesary.

Picnic Hamper

Stay classy with a picnic hamper in a traditional houndstooth print. The modern picnic is said to descend from Medieval hunting feasts held by European nobility so you'll be carrying on a centuries-old tradition (and a very stylish tote, too!)


Another option is the Picnic Bag by Yield. Made of camping grade nylon or high quality canvas, the tote bag unzips to become a sanitary spot to spread out your picnic. When you've finished your lunch, zip the cloth back up into tote form and hit the road.

Box Appetit 

For more day-to-day use or a picnic for one, the Box Appetit Bag (to be used with the Box Appetit lunch organizer) unfolds to be a waterproof placemat.

Portable Freezer with Lights

Keeping your drinks and vittles cool is of paramount importance in the summertime. This Portable Freezer is eco-friendly as the cooling is powered by the 2 LED lights with photocells embedded in the lid.

Bolite Camper

No need to only rely on coolers, however. Go ahead and warm up a pot over the Biolite Camp Stove, a green-friendly device that generates energy from a fire you build out of twigs. This energy can also be used to charge mobile devices and lights for when the sun sets.

Bike Rack Picnic Basket

For those who want to cycle to their picnic, the Dutch designers at Bloon Studios have just the thing. This elegant picnic rack fits sturdily on the back of your bicycle and contains everything you need for a leisurely lunch in the park, including a little table to keep the food off the ground and away from the ants. A cushion for seating is also included.

Victorinox Swiss Army Day Packer Utility Knife

You're going to need a good knife for slicing food and fending off hungry bears so go with the best and pick up The Day Packer by Victorinox. The utilitarian knife comes in a range of colors and has a clip-point edge that cuts through cheese and rope alike.

BugPlug Bee Guard

Eating outside is a lot of fun, but it does introduce a few extra guests to the table: bugs. It's just a fact that bees, ants, flies and their friends are sure to be attracted your sandwiches and sodas. However, you can protect your beverage from unwelcome visitors with an ingenius little device called BugPlug. It fits onto the can's tab and rotates to cover the opening to keep out the creepy-crawlies.

Portable Wine Table

Another way to keep bugs off your food: keep your food off the ground. A portable wine holder and picnic table that spears into the ground is just the thing. It's made of eco-friendly bamboo as well.

Pic Nic Dress

Be picnic-ready no matter where you are when you don the stylish Buttercup dress from Israeli designers Reddish Studio. Made of a dish towel, a plastic bib top, and a tablecloth, the dress makes it possible to plop down for a picnic anywhere you choose. And no need to worry about clean-up. Wipe your hands on your belt and pop the dress in the washing machine for another day. 

Picnic Pants

If you prefer pants to skirts, don't fret! You can picnic, too! PicNic Pants by Acquacalda Design are where function meets, uh, fashion, the function being a built-in mat for eating while seated and the fashion being the rest of the design. Bonus: the jeans also have pockets for carrying drinks.


A good meal always ends with a coffee and why should a picnic be any different? And we're not talking instant coffee. No, we want Espresso! Handspresso portable espresso maker works like a bicycle pump and only needs hot water to create the perfect cup of java to wash down lunch. Now you can have the perfect cup to end the perfect picnic!

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