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The Virtual Traveler

As virtual worlds become more popular and complex, they take on more and more characteristics of the real world. One company, Synthtravels, has seen the increase in online beauty and detail and taken advantage of it — by offering you the chance to take a virtual trip with a virtual travel guide.

Synthtravels is prepared to offer tours in more than two-dozen virtual worlds, from Anarchy Online to World of Warcraft. They help visitors seek out unusual and noteworthy details of the online environment — for example, an Even Online “Historical Space Tour” or a review of Azeroth Architecture in World of Warcraft.

While you are being the perfect virtual tourist, you will want a nice place to stay. To help you out, Starwood Hotels is building Virtual Aloft — a virtual hotel inside of Second Life. When complete in 2008, it will have all the amenities of a real hotel — from gorgeous guest rooms, to a spacious lounge, to a private pool — all on a beautifully landscaped private island.


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