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The Stone House Reinvented

stone house reinvented

What’s the best way to live an environmentally lifestyle? Make sure your living space is incorporated into the natural world. I always love structures, be they hotels, museums or houses that beautifully use natural elements as part of the architecture, not just because it’s more environmentally friendly, but also because it brings a gorgeous aesthetic element that we all can relate to.

stone House 2

That’s exactly what this amazing house in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal does. In recent years architecture has incorporated a variety of alternative, natural materials – bamboo, hemp, and beyond – and with the creativity put into this house, maybe boulders are next.

Stone House

With a view over beautiful Portugese hills, the house is built between several large boulders, putting natural resources to good use. And just because it’s built with alternative materials, doesn’t mean the house is lacking in regular amenities; doors and windows make it just like any other home, but with a twist. Seems like just the place to spend a calm and relaxing weekend away from all of the slightly more stressful aspects of modern life, and focus more on our need to be in line with nature.


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