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Swetsville Zoo

One hour north of Denver on East Harmony Road, just off the Interstate 25, there's a little zoo that goes by the name of Swetsville. It's full of animals but not the kind of animals you might normally find in a zoo. Magical beasts like the Loch Ness Monster, a giant spider and a Tyrannosaurus rex roam the grassy terrain, whimsical creatures created from scrap metal and machinery.

Swetsville Zoo

A labor of love for farmer Bill Swets, who has been welding bike frames to shovels and old Volkswagen Beetles since 1985, Swetsville Zoo brings to mind that other great folk art masterpiece Watts Towers in Los Angeles (or the less famous Forevertron in Baraboo, Wisconsin). It makes no sense whatsoever – it's art for art's sake. Swing by next time you're in the neighborhood. There are over 160 sculptures on view to the public for free, with picnic tables so you can kick back and enjoy the view. RM

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