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Survival in a can

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Disasters suck (think Katrina) and accidents happen (watch Alive!). While there is very little we humans can do to prevent such cataclysmic events from happening, at the very least we can prepare a little bit for the absolute worst. And as survivors of the above crises might attest, in the most extreme of situations, and in the face of dire peril, a little goes a very long way. With this in mind we present the Survival Kit in a Sardine Can.

survival kit in a can

Showing that prudent precautions can coexist with practical packaging, the sardine can features 25 survival items that you will wish you had in a pinch. The can's cast includes a fishing line, matches, compass, whistle, fire starter cube, razor blade and a reflective surface, among others. In addition the can floats in water, and after it has been opened and emptied of its contents, it can be used to boil water for drinking.

For an economical US $11.99, the compact 4.25 in. x 3 in. x .9 in. can may be the difference between being a survivor versus a statistic. Not enough? Well, then your inner Boy Scout will be thrilled to discover the can's bigger brother, Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle. The small sum of US $19.99 buys you such isolated wilderness luxuries as a flashlight, blanket and first-aid kit.

With that list of amenities you'll be the envy of all your fellow shivering survivors on that remote island while you bask in boutique survival luxury. Survival in a can and in a bottle. Because you never know. AER

Images courtesy of Think Geek

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