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Summer Showers

Here on Been-Seen’s Los Angeles home turf the word “stargazing” usually means hanging out in posh restaurants sipping $15 cocktails. But for those more interested in celestial happenings than celebrity doings, this is the weekend to cast fetching glances upwards at the sky. The annual Perseid meteor shower is back.

Perseids’ meteors will be at its peak starting around 11pm on Sunday, August 12 until Monday morning’s dawn. In a typical case of adding by subtracting, the 2007 version should be spectacular, as the New Moon promises ideal viewing conditions. Apologies to our friends in Earth’s southern half; the light show show is only visible in the Northern hemisphere.

Tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck: get away from big city light pollution, focus on the darkest part of the sky, and concentrate on the area between the Perseus and Cassiopeia constellations. Do this and you may average 60-70 shooting star sightings an hour.

With a little luck and some intricate planning, Casanovas and Casanovettes, Sunday night may be the night when you win that special somebody’s heart. Offer the stars and what you receive in return may have you seeing even more.



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  • Roshan

    August 13, 2007

    Thanks for letting us know. The family camped out in the backyard and saw loads of meteors, in spite of all the atmospheric gunk around LA! Very cool.

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