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Street Clocks

A lot of travelers love maps. Actually, most of them have something akin to what I would call map obsession. But this isn’t surprising; maps are works of art, intricate displays of intersecting and parallel lines.

Looking at maps remind us of places we’ve been, or even places that we want to go. They help us to daydream when we’re stuck at home on a gray and rainy afternoon, tracing the streets and monuments of our favorite travel destinations with the tip of our finger. But the design of maps goes far beyond the traditional paper version; now you can turn your favorite place into a custom wall clock.

With the help of an online design tool, Fluid Form lets you turn any map or landscape into a fully functional wall clock. Not really an urban traveler? There are also topographic Earth Clocks, which can be made with topographic maps from any global region that strikes your fancy.

It’s the perfect present for someone that needs some daily travel inspiration; not only can you hang clocks that show different time zones of cities, but they can show the exact destinations.

What place in the world would you put on your wall?


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