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Sea limo

Solar-powered sea limousine.............(sealimousine.jpg)

Dennis Ingemansson has a lot of ideas. From the Rocky Anna bike to the incredible Superyacht, the Swedish yacht and automotive designer is conceptualizing the future – and we like what he's coming up with. Particularly the Sea Limousine.

Solar-powered sea limousine.............(sealimo2.jpg)

Shaped like a manta ray, the Sea Limousine is fueled by solar cells and driverless. Yes, that's right, no captain needed. Says Ingemansson, 'We are living in a world where artificial islands are currently under construction. This idea is based on “The World” located in Dubai – a society with new needs of marine transportation between artificial islands.

Powered with solar cells integrated in the window skin and moves forward with hovercraft and jetstreams. This vehicle is controlled by a satellite navigation system, therefore no human pilot. This concept delivers a new dimension of discrete sea limousine in terms of luxury yacht design.

Solar-powered sea limousine.............(flyingapartments.jpg)

Looks great. Make it happen, please. And how about some Flying Apartments (above) as well? RM

Images: copyright Dennis Ingemansson

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  • limo hire

    August 30, 2009

    These have to be the best limousines l have ever seen, how much would one cost to hire.

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