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Sands of the World

Sands of the world

Everyone has heard about lepidopterophiles who collect butterflies, numismatists who collect coins, and philatelists who prefer stamps. What about collecting tree leaves, dolls, candles, ties, lighters, watches, postcards…? But you might not ever have considered having a sand collection.

Sands of the world

Imagine that you can touch and feel sands from Thailand, Japan, France, Mexico, Coney Island, or from the Caribbean or Dominican Republic, within a few minutes in your own house. You could study them or just keep them as souvenirs of the paradises you have visited. I am not making this up. Such collectors actually exist, and they call themselves arenophiles. The sands are so different from one place on Earth to another, that their collections can reach 2,000 samples from one hundred and forty different countries. Sands can be colored, thin, rough, mixed with seashells…

Sands of the world

The number of different sand types is amazing. Their collections maybe just make them dream. Maybe we should do just the same and then start networking with other arenophiles over the world, exchanging our treasures. Artists also are getting interested in sand artwork. Ilana Yahav is one of them, a sand animation artist, using only light and the tip of her fingers to create her imaginary world.

Sands of the world

If you ever feel interested and want to start this hobby, nothing could be simpler. Your job would consist of collecting, labeling, sizing, cleaning, displaying, enjoying. Moreover you won't spend tons of money on tools or conservation products, you can find all the items you need at home.

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Another option would be to join a sand sculpture team and run for a championship like the one in Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada: a sand sculpture contest happening the 5th of April this year. Harrisand also hold sandsculpting schools in May. You might also check the World Champion sand sculptors and local talents in Prince Edward Island, called SandLand: it will be the largest sand show east of British Columbia in Charlottetown Waterfront. This year, the theme is 'Living By The Sea' from June 28 to October 15.

It's like a return to childhood. You just need a bit of training and you'll be able to make incredible mountains, villages, monsters and all that can can ever dream about. So, how to do a sand sculpture? It's child's play. BB


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