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For those travelers among us who can’t – gulp – travel this summer, we may have a cure for those summertime blues. Time travel. For far less than an overpriced plane ticket and crummy hotel room, take a retro trip back in time to the piano lounges, tiki bars and swimming pools of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Immerse yourself vicariously in places you’ve never been and might not ever go (at least for us leftcoasters). Acra, New York. New Brunswick, New Jersey. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Lounge by the pool and let the afternoon slip away while you sip a mint julep. Breathe in the 1950s Americana. Retro Views makes it possible.

A true historic goldmine, Retro Views possesses an incredible collection of 50s and 60s images from the era. The photographs were all shot by Aladdin Color, a one-stop print shop of the day that produced brochures for the diverse businesses seen in the pictures, including hotels, restaurants and car dealerships, for example.

Retro Views boasts an of a nearly 100,000 strong photo archive. Costly and time consuming, the archival process continues, and the company hopes to have 10,000 images available in a few years time. According to them, the more images customers purchase, the more Retro Views can invest in the project, the more photographs they can make available. The more you can travel. Sort of.

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