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Mini Me…and You

Mini Me...And You

If you've ever wished for a dollhouse version of yourself, your dreams are about to come true. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "mini-me", Japanese company Omote 3D Shashin Kan is offering a service they call a "3-D photobooth."

Mini Me...and You

Participants sit down for /div> a regular in-studio photo-shoot, but what they receive isn't a 2D strip of film. Instead, through the use of handheld scanners, this photobooth captures the sitters' likeness from all angles and transforms them into tiny 3D figurines.

Mini Me....And You

Attention is paid to all elements, with the company adding in clothing color, pattern, and hair details before sending the off to the 3D printer. The miniatures are delivered to the sitter after about a month.

Mini Me...And You

The figures come in three sizes and cost varies from $260-$350; slightly expensive but a small price to pay for getting to experience this brand new technology before it goes mainstream. However, the 3D photobooth, located in Tokyo, is only scheduled to be in operation through January 14th, so we'll let you know when Omote brings their innovation stateside.

Mini Me...And You

But in the interim, just think of the hours of endless fun you could have with your very own "mini-me."

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