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Magnetic Ink

Speaking of ' …how we travel' .
How would you like a computer screen that you could roll up and put in your pocket? Or a DVD player that folded like an origami flower so you could easily take it on an airplane? What about a newspaper with articles that changed as new information became available? These technological miracles are — or will soon be — available to you, thanks to magnetic ink.

Magnetic ink, as far far as I knew it, was used to describe the special numbers and symbols you typically see at the bottom of my checks. But now, Magink makes billboards using this technology.

A group of designers — from the firms Inventables, aStudio, and LayDesign — took a look at this technology and forsee an origami DVD player in our near future. It would offer great viewing, compact size, and long battery life. And if combined with a movie downloading service like iTunes, would give a traveler an entire library of films in something not much bigger than a CD case.


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  • Diana

    January 9, 2007

    Did you know that the magnetic ink on checks is not the same thing as magnetic ink on bilboards?

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