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Living stones

Have you ever wanted to recreate the landscape of a favorite travel destination when you get home? Anyone who's just climbed Jumbo Rocks at the Joshua Tree National Park in California, or maybe even scaled Giant's Causeway in Ireland, will love these amazing rocks. Livingstones look just like real boulders, but they're a great deal cuddlier.

Conceived of by designer Marine Stéphanie, Livingstones come in three varieties — wool-covered poly-silicone, sponge, and, for out-door use, poly-silicone and polyurethane. But despite the chemistry-heavy ingredients, these objects look so natural that you can easily freak visitors out by jumping into a pile of them.

You can purchase Livingstones in more than a dozen shapes and many colors. They range in size from a small cushion of just under 11 inches, to a six-and-a-half-foot chair. And there's enough variety to turn any bedroom, playroom, or poolside into a comfortable rock quarry.


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