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There is an inner child within all of us that loves to play on the beach. Often that playing turns into art, in the form of line drawings in the sand, complex sand castles or just simple collections of beach rocks. The World Beach Project is a global art project that draws upon just that urge.


Open to anybody, anywhere and of any age, the project was devised by artist in residence Sue Lawty at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Building on the human desire to make patterns, participants compose beach drawings using stones; a medium that Lawty says “gives us a primal, spiritual connection with the earth. When we handle a stone, we hold in our hands a small drawing, a tiny piece of the map; we are holding time.”


Stones used to make the beach drawings can vary in size, shape and color, giving a wide palette with which artists can work with. Drawings are done on beaches or shoreline and washed away with the next tide, taking part in the earth's natural cycle.


After completing the beach drawings, participants photograph the temporary works of art and upload them to the VA website, where they are showcased with the help of a map, plotting out where in the world all of the beach drawings have been made.


Creating works of art in nature is nothing new. Artist Andy Goldsworthy is famous for his intricate constructions using nature as a canvas. But what's great about the World Beach Project is its universal reach; anyone can create and share their art, and in turn have an artistic and natural dialogue with other artists from around the globe. AB



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  • Roshan

    June 2, 2008

    Anyone who’s keen on Andy Goldsworthy should also check out Chris Drury. We’ve featured him a few times on Been-Seen – just do a search for ‘Drury’ and you’ll see some of his great work, with links to his website.

  • dailydesignspot

    June 2, 2008

    so glad that you made reference to mr. Goldsworthy.. definitively an amazing artist! we borrowed a dvd about his work from the local library one night and funny enough he has done a lot of work in nova scotia (where i am from)..
    ok enough from me..
    great work!

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