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Leica M7 Edition Hermes

My first camera was a dusty 35mm, first given to my father and then handed down to me to explore the vast world of taking pictures. In fact, many of us who love photography started out with an old 35mm, slowly learning the complex world of

The quintessential camera company, Leica, is paying homage to photography’s classic roots, coming out with a limited edition M7 35mm for iconic luxury goods company, Hermes. With a silver chrome finish and a choice of either orange or etoupe calfskin leather, this camera is built for the jet-set. And so is the price; the well designed camera, along with its amenities, that include a linen-covered, silk-lined box, put the price take at £8,550 (about $14,250).

But a high price tag can’t keep us from enjoying the visual aesthetic of this beautiful camera. And the fact that only 100 of each color will be produced makes it even more special. Imagine the pictures you could take; it’s enough to inspire even the most amateur of photographers.


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