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It's a dog's life


If you travel with your pet, or would like to, here's some very good news. Fido no longer has to suffer the misery of cargo. Pet Airways is offering man's best friend (and other critters) the chance to travel first-class.

Pet Airways

OK, so I'm exaggerating. Your pooch won't be reclining in luxury, sipping champagne, and watching in-flight movies. Instead he'll be flown in a private jet (pets only), in a small cage inside the cabin, and tended to by pet attendants.


Here's how it works. Drop your pet off at the airport up to 72 hours before the flight (there's a PAWS Lodge, if your flight leaves way before his). 'Pawsengers' are loaded onto the plane, checked very fifteen minutes, and given regular potty breaks. Then you pick them up at the Pet Lounge on arrival (perky, not complaining of jet lag).

Flights are currently available between Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, DC/Baltimore, and New York, starting at $149 each way. RM

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