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Interesting Boats


One of the most interesting aspects about boat design is that so many different things, such as function, environment and power sources reflect on what a boat ends up looking like. The above “Dolphin” built by Innerspace is a purely recreational watercraft that is fully enclosed, submersible and can also perform tricks.

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The Earthrace, which we wrote about back in 2007 has since become the world record holder circling the globe in just 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes. The vessel runs on 100% renewable biodiesel and has net zero carbon footprint.


Another race boat but on the much smaller size of the spectrum, the Czeers TU- Solarboat is the 2006 winner of the World Cup for solar powered boats.


Glass bottom boats always offer a fun and comfortable way to observe underwater life. The Looker 350 is designed with a large top window to allow just enough natural sunlight in to the boat to shine through the bottom window so you can observe the sea below. 


Designed by the famous cartoonist

Plastiki is a boat project that we've been following. David de Rothschild is attempting to build and sail a boat built fully out of plastic bottles tethered together. He will travel from San Francisco to Sydney via the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch. The mission is to draw attention the environmental mess and show what can be achieved with recycled materials.


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